Paula (alive_albeit) wrote in mistydreamer82,

a dream involved Cold Stone... again!

Ack! Why do I keep having these? In the one last night, I was at Cold Stone and behind the counter. I showed up because I was scheduled to work at 10 pm, but I hadn't actually been hired. TONS of employees, including Carla, were there, as well as others that I knew but don't work there in real life. Angela was there and training me or something like that... I had to demonstrate how well I could squish brownies, judge the salability of waffle bowls, etc. The end of the night came after a few hours and Angela said to me with a friendly smile, "I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I am not going to hire you. The good news is that I think you could make 15 dollars an hour by making an instructional website. I've seen that you are very good with computers."

I went outside into the night and walked to my car. Whether it happened at Cold Stone, before, or after, I don't know, but half of my ring finger had been chopped off. Where the finger had been, there was a clean, red but non-bleeding wound. Needless to say I was pretty depressed about the loss of my finger. I pictured myself holding hands with my future girlfriend and her looking down at my little stub.

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