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The Dream Realm

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First of all I'd like to say Welcome to the Dream Realm. Eversince I was a child, I've always been interested in dreams and have even started a dream journal, but it didn't seem like it was enough so I've decided to start a community as well so people can post their dreams as well no matter how twisted, scary, or bizzare they are. I want everyone to feel comfortable and free to post whatever they can remember in their dreams without feeling judged. I've had some pretty twisted stuff as well and you'll more than likely read about it.

Also some of my dreams have come true and still do to this day so I'm interested to see other people's dreams and see if other people's come true like mine do. Sometimes I just have dreams with no prophetic meaning behind it, but a lot of the times I have them to warn me. I get symbols in my dreams and whether I can disciper the symbols decides whether or not I can figure out the warning. It's like a riddle. Feel free to share dreams, your views on dreams, sleepwalking stories, sleeptalking stories, experiences while dreaming, etc...Anyway, I only have a couple of rules for you to follow so please read them carefully

1. Be respectful of me and others and no judegeing or bashing someone because of their dreams or lifestyle

2. If you're disrespectful to me or anyone else, I'll first give you a warning and if it continues I'll kick you out of the community

3. I don't mind cussing just as long as it isn't used to insult me or anyone else in the community

4. I don't want advertizements of other communties in here or pornography, graphic/goory pics, etc in my community. The first time I see it, there will be no warning I'll just kick you out. Plain and simple. I don't tolerate that.
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