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Wow... a dream community! That is an awesome idea and now when I have interesting dreams I will post them here rather than in my own live journal... fun! I didn't have any terribly interesting, prophetic, or symbolic dream last night, but I will tell you about the one I DID have.

I was in English class for final exams and I left class because I needed a pencil. I walked to the Salt Lake City Public Library and found a freshly sharpened red one. As I was walking back to class, I ran into TahliaH. She told me that Ms. Wendt decided that we didn't have to present our exams and we all got points for effort. Both Tahlia and I were ticked at working so hard and not even getting to present our projects, and we didn't see the point in going back to class so I took TahliaH to the library. I thought she would really like it, it being a library, a huge one with cool windows overlooking the city, nonetheless, and one located inside an architecturally attractive building. So, yeah... we go to library. Dream ends... or at least fades from my memory bank.

I remember drawing a picture... mountains, a path, trees, all those good things. Except it was... spectacular. In the dream I compared it to the Boston River Valley School of Painters (Li, is that the correct name?). It wasn't actually a painting but I had planned what colors I wanted to use where. Mallory and Gway looked at it... I wrote a four-word "poem" about it that put my teacher into awe... but what were those four words? They looked like they were in Latin... huh... and they were written across the picture at one point in red.

Well... good night.

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